VieCave is a superb complex of antique buildings formed by a tower of the XII century (one of the most antique of all the Frignano) surround by the remains of a Medieval Castle, a block of buildings with a tower-house on the eastern side and on the western side, slightly detached, an agricultural structure.
The house, built between year 1300 and year 1600, is really big and developed on various levels connected with a lot of stairs and halls, delighted by warm fireplaces and embellished by stone seats under the windows that overlook on wonderful views of the valley. Francesca tells us that “In the ‘60s, after the abandon of the farmers, this structure was almost collapsed.

It was my mother who choose to save it, when all the farmers decided to leave it to rubble. My mother, with the help of all the employees of her farm, worked for ten years, every winter, to re-build and redecorate all the buildings. Once all the jobs where completed, with the help and support of the agricultural association, it was decided to transform Viecave in an agriturism.

From our debut in 1984 the number of visitors has increased year by year. The main attraction is certainly the contact with nature, the thrill of a “jump in the past” and our delicious food specialities cooked with great experience and ability.

We cannot offer our visitors the chance to sleep in Viecave yet, but we hope to be able to provide this service in an early future. For now our service is specialised only food (for a maximum of a hundred of people at a time), banquets, weddings, work-dinners and similar.”