We offer a set-up menu that changes durino the seasons. In winter we usually offer hot dishes that can be eat in front of the fireplace, as Polenta with fowl or the “leper in salmì” (Viecave also hosts a Hunting group). In autumn our manù is characterised by the presence of fresh mushrooms cooked in many ways, while in spring and summer we have a large choice of receipts with fruit and vegetables.

We never forget to offer our delicious and folksy “crescentine”: little bread buns made of flour, water, yeast, milk and a bit of salt. These where cooked on burning hot stones made of wayward-stone, staked in a pile one on the other... this is why today they are known as “tigelle”.

As a homage to the “rich” receipts of Modena, we prepare the traditional “gnocco fritto” (bread dough fried in oil, or preferably lard, eat with cold cut meat, like Salame, and Parmesan Cheese) and, now and then, the “pestata” made of lard, garlic and rosemary.

Mrs. Laura, mother of Francesca, is the master chef and prefers to use aromatic herbs (sage, herb-laurel, juniper and similars) and spices to create light and tasteful receipts.