VIECAVE (750m high)

is located in the centre of Frignano, the ancient land of the Liguri Frignanti, a tribe subdued by the Romans in 187 b.C. Viecave is fully immersed in the historical problematic of the land and in the ancient road system of the Central Frignano. The antique “Mutina – Pistoria” road was probably traced on a Ligurian itinerary. The road went from S.Dalmazio to Monteobizzo (the place identified as the ancient “Castrum Feronianum” by the historian Sorbelli) passing by Viecave.
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Original Parmesan Cheese If you want to experience the real Parmesan Cheese, ask for taste of the one we produce in our farm. You can bring home a “piece” of Frignano.


The Viecave agriturism organizes special events!

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